Stuart Broad Fumes After MCC Amends Law Related To “Mankad” Dismissals, Calls It “Unfair”


Stuart Broad expressed his strong opinion on latest “Mankad” Law update by MCC.© AFP

One of England’s most successful pacers in Test cricket, Stuart Broad expressed his concerns over Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), the custodian of cricket’s laws, decision to update the law related to runout at non-striker’s end. The amendment now legitimizes “Mankad” dismissalas it was moved from “unfair play” play category to the “run-out” category. Taking to Twitter, a seemingly agitated Broad said that “Mankad requires zero skill” and is an “unfair” way of claiming a wicket. “So, the Mankad is no longer unfair & is now a legitimate dismissal. Hasn’t it always been a legitimate dismissal & whether it is unfair is subjective? I think it is unfair & wouldn’t consider it, as IMO, dismissing a batter is about skill & the Mankad requires zero skill,” he wrote.

Fraser Stewart, MCC Laws Manager, said: “Since the publication of the 2017 Code of the Laws of Cricket, the game has changed in numerous ways. The 2nd edition of that Code, published in 2019, was mostly clarification and minor amendments, but the 2022 Code makes some rather bigger changes, from the way we talk about cricket to the way it’s played.”

The notable change that was made by the MCC about Mankad is as follows:

Law 38.3 – moving the running out of the non-striker


Law 41.16 – running out the non-striker – has been moved from Law 41 (Unfair play) to Law 38 (Runout). The wording of the Law remains the same.

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Stuart Broad Fumes After MCC Amends Law Related To “Mankad” Dismissals, Calls It “Unfair”

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